Afrisam / Hey Sexy

This was truly a fun project to work on, both behind and in front of the camera.
Working in conjunction with Promise and Bladeworks, Black Envelope was asked to not only film this commercial but to come up with some really fun and humorous gags for it. Playing on the stereotypical idea that construction workers love ogling and catcalling, we created a "point of view" scenario that showcased our foremen and construction workers in complete awe of "something" behind camera. "What are they looking at, must be a beautiful woman walking past." - was the idea. The reveal however showcases a brand new Toyota Hilux power sliding round a corner in slow motion. This was to promote the competition that Afrisam had setup with Toyota.
The old power team was back in action on this one with Michael Kolbé directing and William Collinson behind the camera.The cast was briefed to have loads of fun, to let loose, and enjoy the day... and we think the results clearly speak for themselves.
Anria Kotzé produced this commercial with ease thanks to a fantastic and trustworthy production team she put in place.Like we said a fun day with laughs all around and a commercial we're all proud of.


Agency                              Promise
Production Company        Black Envelope
Post Production                Bladeworks


Marc Watson                    Executive Creative Director 
Jonathan Auret                 Creative Group Head
Daniel Druion                    Creative Group Head
Claire Kramer                   Senior Account Manager
Michelle Anderson            Account Director                  


Director                             Michael Kolbé
DOP                                  William Collinson
Executive Producer           Anria Kotzé
Offline Editor                     Michael Kolbe
Audio                                 Wessel Meyer
Art Director                        Massimo Bastiotto
Post Production

Executive Post Producer    Craig Morton
Post Producer                     Mandy Biart
Colourist                             Craig Simonetti

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